Twisted X: A Texas Brand with an Amazing Eco-Conscience

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Based in Decatur, Texas, is it any wonder that the Twisted X brand of footwear is an amazing Lone Star State success story? And, even though they’re sold in major outlets throughout the state, the country, and now the world, they’ve gone a step further and proudly launched an eco-friendly footwear line that is about to take the market by storm. ECO TWX is a collection of shoes which are made from recycled water bottles which were cleaned up from both ocean as well as land waste. A unique offering for Twisted X, the brand that started with cowboy boots has transitioned into a growing footwear mogul offering some amazing casual comfort which is also now good for the environment.

Twisted X: A Texas Brand With an Amazing Eco-Conscience

Photo: Facebook/Angel’s Western Wear & More

The company’s environmental commitment does extend beyond this new line, however. Twisted X has partnered with the OneTreePlanted organization (a 501c3 non-profit) and through them, for each product purchased, a tree will be planted in America, adding to their carbon credits and our healthier lifestyle. They have also made the move to use packaging which is now 100 percent recycled.

Even further, in a recent article by Cowgirl Magazine, it was noted that Twisted X has encouraged retail consumers to plant trees within their local communities through a supply partnership with the Arbor Day Foundation. Their “buy one plant one” campaign mirrors those of many manufacturers who have supported the measurable environmental goals set for 2020 through the Earth Day Network launch of events. 2020 is significant in that will mark the 50th anniversary of Earth Day and if you would like more information on this or any of the other organizations listed, please visit the Twisted X company website (link provided here) or check out,, and