Two Step at Lubianski’s: A Dance Hall That’s Also a Feed Store

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Dance into history at Lubianski’s in St. Hedwig, a community southeast of San Antonio which boasts a population of roughly 2,000. It was founded in 1852 by immigrants from Silesia, a region of Central Europe located mostly in Poland, with small parts in the Czech Republic and Germany. The community was named after the patron saint of Silesians, and it’s an area of hard-working, efficient people. It makes sense that one of the entertainment venues there would be equally as hard-working and entertaining.  Welcome to Lubianski’s Feed Store & Dance Hall: by day, a place to procure animal feed and other supplies, while by night, the place to throw one heck of a party!

Two Step at Lubianski's: A Dance Hall That's Also a Feed Store

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Located at 13640 FM 1346, Lubianski’s began as a business in 1916 and has been located in its current spot since 1949. The front of the operation is all business. Connected to the back is the dance hall, adorned with string lights and a well-loved floor for pushing around a good partner. Often used for private parties, weddings, and quinceaneras, as well as community needs like science fairs and craft shows, the venue is family owned and operated. Rental cost is $1500, and beverages, alcoholic and non-, are served onsite and BYOB. It’s also family friendly and can accommodate live bands and DJs. Contact Todd Lubianski at (210) 667-1145 to book.

Two Step at Lubianski's: A Dance Hall That's Also a Feed Store

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Shine up your boots, wipe off your cowboy hat, and bring a partner (or two!) to dance. Come this way a little ahead of time to check out Woman Hollering Creek, which empties into Martinez Creek just northeast of Saint Hedwig, or visit delicious craft brewery Cactus Land Brewing in nearby Adkins. This part of Texas has beautiful rolling fields and retains the small town feel. Just keep an eye out for the white-walled cinder block building advertising food, feed, and fun!