Two Texas Men Arrested After Stealing 100 SUVs

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Houston police say they’ve arrested Michael Armando Arce and Jesse Irvin Zelaya, two men who may have stolen over 100 vehicles and transported them across the Mexican boarder.

The men used technology hacks to gain access to the cars. By connecting a laptop, they were able to use software that dealers and locksmiths employee to override the keyless entry and ignition that many new cars have as safety and efficiency feature.

Officials are not sure how big this vehicle stealing operation is or was. Police believe that it is very likely that Arce and Zelaya are part of a larger group. They also suspect that the targeted cars were not focused on one or even a few brands but a larger scope. Especially since, as Fortune reports, “Arresting officers recovered electronic devices and keys, as well as narcotics, firearms, and body armor.”

Since Arce and Zelaya were arrested on August 4th, more information about their crimes are not yet known. Though not one for subtlety, Zalaya posted a photo of himself on Facebook the day before he was arrested. It shows him sitting on top of a silver Hummer in Mexico, and the Hummer clearly has Texas license plates.