Uber Needs More Drivers in Houston For the Super Bowl

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Drivers are cleaning out their cars and getting their permits to sign up as Uber drivers in time for the Super Bowl in Houston. According to KHOU, the city’s permit office is swamped with applications from people who hope to make some extra cash around the time of the huge event at NRG Stadium.

But how do these drivers feel about missing the big game? KHOU spoke with Melissa Lyeons who recently signed up with Uber. “I want to watch football, but I also want to make some money. It will be worth it,” she said. When the news asked her about Uber’s employment process, Lyeons admits she found the lack of drug testing odd. “Drug testing is a must,” she stated. Drivers have to have a fingerprint test, background check through Uber, car inspection and warrant check, but no drug test nor physical.

In November of 2016, Fortune writes that the City of Houston and Uber had to compromise to keep the company operating in Houston, at least until after the Super Bowl. Like the trouble Uber had in Austin, they don’t want to follow the city’s rules for testing and fingerprinting. Despite this disagreement, the city and Uber saw the need to keep the ride-sharing service going to help maneuver the busy population through this major event in early February, so Uber agreed to the fingerprinting checks.