Turn Your Ultrasound Into a Cherished Keepsake With These Crafty Ideas

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Veselka Bulkan has a web link you’re going to want to check out. Why? Because she finds creative and unique ways to turn your baby’s ultrasound image into a cherished keepsake. Not like it isn’t already, since it’s probably stuck to the fridge with a magnet, or on the family pegboard, but this is on a whole new level. She turns them into adorable embroidery projects!

Bulkan and her husband had wanted a special way to celebrate their baby girl. “When I became pregnant at the beginning of the last year, I made an embroidery from my baby’s ultrasound at which I looked every day during this season of my life while imagining how she will look, and a keepsake of these beautiful days as well,” she wrote on her website. Since then, a huge list of people are lining up to order her embroideries, which make excellent pregnancy announcements, baby shower gifts, and even nursery decor. From Texas to Tennessee, Maryland to Maine, California to Kalamazoo, they’ve become so popular, there’s even a waiting list! This is why, at present, Bulkan isn’t accepting any more orders. These creative keepsakes take up to a month to complete. When she’s able to accept new orders, each one costs a minimum of $300.

Turn Your Ultrasound Into a Cherished Keepsake With These Crafty Ideas

Photo: Instagram/catchtheinspiration

There are other ways to get crafty with your ultrasound photos, if Bulkan’s option isn’t available to you either for time or money. Craft sites which allow users to showcase their own ideas in a marketplace fashion have a number of concepts at various price points. You can look at having your photo done in a blueprint fashion or on a canvas. You could also have it incorporated as part of a special shadow box presentation for the nursery!

Have you turned your ultrasound into a special keepsake? Let us see it!