Are You Ready for Some (Unicycle) Football?

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Hooray! It’s football season in Texas! If you’re a native Texan or not, chances are that you’re finding yourself at your local high school field on a Friday night, watching your neighbors play their hearts out for their school teams. Or, maybe you are firmly planted in front of a television on the weekends, watching your favorite collegiate and pro teams hash it out on the field. Or…if you happen to be in the San Marcos area, maybe you’re watching Unicycle Football.

Wait…What is Unicycle Football?

Unicycle Football

Photo: Facebook/UniBrawdz

Unicycle Football is exactly as it sounds – American football played entirely on unicycles. The game is played as a five-on-five “flackle” (flag/tackle) variant on a hard surface. There are a few minor adjustments in the rules to accommodate being on a unicycle but it’s good ol’ American football as you know and love, and yes, players fall off of their unicycles fairly often.

Born and Bred in San Marcos

Unicycle Football

Photo: Facebook/unicyclefootball.league

Unicycle Football was born and bred in San Marcos. Created by Marcus Garland in 2008 during a juggling class, the league has grown by leaps and bounds and to date, Sports Blog SBNation has suggested that it is superior to American football and Fox San Antonio has covered the sport as well. The Unicycle Football League currently has 8 teams that play every Sunday during the 56-game season. It’s a rowdy spectator sport for all walks of life. 

The “Unibrawdz” and Local D.J.s Infuse The Games With Spirit

Photo: Facebook/UniBrawdz

Think traditional football is the only type of football with pep squads and cheerleaders? Wrong. The Unicycle Football League boasts their own brand of rabble-rousing, pep squad-esque ladies, aptly named the “Unibrawdz,”  who entertain the fans and smack-talk the other teams.

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