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University of Houston’s Beloved White-Tailed Squirrel Has Passed Away

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For years, the University of Houston was home to one odd little squirrel with a white nose, white toes and a white puffy tail that stood out against its gray back and tan chest. Everywhere it went around campus, students and staff noticed its beauty. Sadly, the squirrel recently passed away.

The University of Houston posted the news to their Facebook page with a photo of the unique creature and a message saying, “Thanks for the memories.” Students wrote about their bond with the special squirrel. “We had breakfast together one time. Little dude loved bagels,” student J‪anine Dworin‪ ‬wrote alongside a pic she took of their shared meal.

A small memorial was set up where the squirrel was found after it passed away, but many students were hoping for something more permanent to remember their favorite squirrel by. A GoFundMe page was started to raise money to get the squirrel taxidermied with a nice case and even a ceremony. “For years, this beautiful squirrel improved campus morale and positively impacted students with its snowy tail. Over time, the squirrel became a legend, and students were delighted when they spotted it, hoping for good luck before a midterm,” the campaign reads. They’ve already surpassed their initial goal!