Sweet Video Shows Kittens With Their Unlikely Companions at a Brooklyn Cat Cafe

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A cat café in Brooklyn has made headlines and melted hearts by pairing kittens with companions that are often thought of as their prey – rats!

It all started when one kitten was diagnosed with feline leukemia. As National Geographic explains, “An estimated two to three percent of cats in the U.S. have the virus, which is contained in bodily fluids and is spread by close contact, like mating or bite wounds. After being diagnosed with the condition, cats live for only about two and a half years.” This means that the little kitten would have to be separated from other cats. In order to give the kitten some comfort, the cafe obtained a rescue rat as a companion pet since rats cannot catch nor carry feline leukemia.

In the video below by Barcroft Animals, viewers can see that even though the original cat and rat pair have passed away, their legacy of companionship lives on through newly acquired rescue rats and kittens who want to play and take care of one another.

The Brooklyn Cat Café is located on Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn, New York. If you’re curious as to what their grown cat population and the rest of the café looks like, check out their adorable Instagram photos here.