Upcycle an Old Playhouse into a Paradise for Your Cats

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This old playhouse was revamped into a cat playground after this dad’s children stopped using it long ago.

This DIY, posted on Imgurdetails the entire process of upcycling the playhouse. The jungle gym was an ideal structure to start with because the square house was an already hollow structure that could be fenced in with wire.

This dad had the right idea, as cats roaming around, feral or tame, still wreak havoc on prey species, such as songbirds and even other neighborhood cats. This playhouse gives these kitties the best of both worlds – it protects them from cars and the like, but also lets them take in the great outdoors at the same time.

As you can see, he ripped out the slide and redid the entire inside of the house. By fencing in the base, he was able to create a gravel pit for his cats with a litter box to encourage their house-trained habits. He purchased a kitty ladder, cut a hole in the floor, and voila! A two-story cat playhouse was born.

This DIY is fairly simple and with the right materials on hand, could take an afternoon to build and another day for the paint to dry.