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UT Adjusts Their Automatic Admissions to the Top Six Percent of Students

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The rule for most public universities in the state of Texas is that the top 10 percent of students in their graduating high school class are automatically allowed in. But the Texas Tribune explains that the University of Texas (UT) has a different rule because they would be overwhelmed by applicants if they allowed the top ten percent in. (The university stated that in the past four years, applicants have grown from 38,000 to 51,000.) KHOU states that previously, UT was allowed to admit the top eight or seven percent, and now, they’ve dropped it down even lower to six percent.

The top six percent rule for UT will impact high school students who are juniors this year. It could work as an incentive to raise their grades in their senior year, but if they’re unable to crack the top 6 percent, they shouldn’t give up hope. UT will let in more students through a “holistic process, which takes into account grades, standardized test scores, race and extracurricular activities,” explains the Texas Tribune. Alamo Heights ISD Assistant Superintendent Frank Alfaro adds that this way, UT can offer acceptance to students who “…might contribute to the school in a different way, like in the fine arts.”