UT Got a Lot Cooler When Matthew McConaughey Taught a Class

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Matthew McConaughey turned his focus from cheering on the U.S. Olympic team in Rio to helping mold the eager minds of students at the University of Texas in Austin.

In late June, UT announced that McConaughey would help lead an advanced filmmaking seminar called “Advanced Producing: Script to Screen” via video and at least one in-class appearance. The lead professor is Scott Rice who also brought in “The Hunger Games” director Gary Ross to contribute to the impressive and sought after class.

Time quoted the class’ description as stating, “By studying the movie’s source material, script, shot lists, storyboards, shooting schedule, VFX, final cut and even exclusive behind the scenes footage, students will garner insight into the production of a major Hollywood feature.”

Judging from a photograph quickly snapped inside the classroom, it looks like McConaughey matched the students’ laid back attire and brought his well-known engaging presence. With only about 30 students in the class, it probably felt like a much more personal lesson than one a lecture in an auditorium. These lucky UT students will have to get used to meeting celebrities and movie moguls as their careers in filmmaking are only just beginning.