UT Student’s Relatable Tale of Her First College Final Goes Viral

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When getting ready to take your first college final, it’s normal to have clammy palms and butterflies in your stomach, but UT student Ann Mark’s experience was a tad more over-the-top than just having a nervous belly. Mark recorded her tale of trails and triumph which she posted on Twitter on Friday. Her relatable, hilarious, and anxiety-inducing story has already been retweeted over 132K times and gathered over 8.2 million views.

Mark has been trying to reach out to those who helped her find her way to her final, tweeting, “Currently filling out a Craigslist missed connection to thank all the strangers who helped me along the way especially physics exam girl and google maps girl,” and she even wants to see if she could locate any footage of her collision with the window.

UT’s president, Greg Fenves, took notice of Mark’s tweet and replied, “College can be challenging, but Ann, you’re clearly cut out for UT! Send me a direct message, and we’ll make sure you have enough Blue Books for the next four years. As for security video, I’m not sure what we can find…”