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Take a Fun-Filled Valentine’s Day Ride on the Hill Country Flyer

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Valentine’s Day is usually touted as a holiday meant only for couples, however this year you can put a fun spin on this typically lovey-dovey day by making it an affair for the whole family with a trip through the Hill Country on the Austin Steam Train Association’s Hill Country Flyer.

On Saturday, February 16, the Flyer will leave the station promptly at 1o a.m. with its electric blue engine at the head of the train. According to the association’s website, passengers will travel over the South San Gabriel River by way of a wooden trestle bridge, as well as crossing Short Creek Canyon. Once the train arrives in Burnet, passengers may disembark for a two-hour excursion to explore the town or grab a bite to eat.

Take a Fun-Filled Valentine's Day Ride on the Hill Country Flyer

Photo: Facebook/Austin Steam Train

Since chocolates are typically associated with Valentine’s Day, you might want to meander down to Happy Scoops, the local ice cream parlor that was recently given the title of Best Frozen Treat by The Picayune Newspaper. They’re sure to have a sweet snack that everyone will enjoy.

Additionally, if weather permits, a Wild West Gunfight reenactment is usually on the agenda. If you grab your lunch to go, you can make it dinner and a show!

Once the two hours is up, passengers will board the train for the return trip home. The association notes that while the Valentine’s Day Hill Country Flyer trip can be a weekend excursion for the whole family, there are those who may want to enjoy a romantic Saturday outing. For this reason, both adult only cars and family-friendly cars are available for this particular trip. The train should return to the station at approximately 4 p.m. Altogether, the trip is projected to last six hours.

Tickets range in price from $38 to $65. If you are interested in purchasing tickets, visit the association’s website or call (512) 477-8468. References: Austin Steam Train Association