Valero Energy Corporation Funds $3 Million Endowment for San Antonio Zoo

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Local San Antonio children have a better chance of being able to visit the San Antonio Zoo, thanks to a $3 million dollar endowment from Valero. The check was presented to the San Antonio Zoo in mid-December and will help fund school field trips to the popular zoo.

An Amazing Gift for Underprivileged Students

Valero SA Zoo

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“Today we got an amazing gift from Valero, one of our community partners here in San Antonio,” Tim Morrow, CEO of the San Antonio Zoo, told San Antonio news station, KSAT. “It’s an endowment for $3 million and those funds are going to be used to get more children to the zoo on field trips — especially underprivileged school districts and schools that can’t always afford to come on field trips.”

Morrow said the biggest challenge in getting kids to the zoo for field trips is the cost of busses and the endowment will help with that financial hurdle.

Gary Simmons, Valero’s senior vice president of supply told KSAT that Valero created the endowment with the hope of giving families who lack the means to go to the zoo an opportunity to go and experience nature.

San Antonio Zoo Since 1914


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The San Antonio Zoo opened in 1914 when Colonel George Washington Brackenridge, one of the city’s leading citizens, placed bison, deer, monkeys, African lions, and bears on land he had deeded to the city. The land became Brackenridge Park and Golf Course.

The San Antonio Zoo opened two of the first cageless exhibits in the United States in November 1929 that offered visitors views of the animals not available in caged exhibits. The Richard Friedrich Aquarium was dedicated in 1948, and the Hixon Bird House, funded through the efforts of Colonel Frederick C. Hixon, opened in 1966. The zoo’s bird collection is now one of the world’s largest. The San Antonio Zoo’s annual attendance exceeds 1,000,000.

San Antonio-Based Valero Energy Corporation


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Valero Energy Corporation, through its subsidiaries, is an international manufacturer and marketer of transportation fuels and other petrochemical products. Valero, a Fortune 50 company based in San Antonio, with approximately 10,000 employees, is an independent petroleum refiner and ethanol producer.