Vet Performs Successful Surgery on a Tiny Pet Goldfish 

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At the Toll Barn Veterinary Centre in Norfolk, England, no creature is too small to receive care. Last week, Dr. Faye Bethell successfully operated on a goldfish!

The Eastern Daily Press says that Bob, the 20-year-old goldfish, developed a tumor on his fin that was making it difficult for him to swim around his tank. His owners heard that the vets at Toll Barn had previously performed a successful surgery on a constipated goldfish, so they booked an appointment for their beloved three-inch long pet.

Incredibly, Bob’s surgery went smoothly. After being fed anesthetic water, Bob was placed on the table, operated on, and then returned to a bowl and his owners. The vet even used a tiny heart rate monitor during the procedure, which Bored Panda reports cost roughly $250 total for the family.

“It’s pretty complicated because everything is so small and they don’t have a massive volume of blood so you have to make sure they don’t lose too much blood,” Dr. Bethell told the Eastern Daily Press.

Goldfish normally only make it to age 15 under the best circumstances, so obviously, Bob’s owners are taking wonderful care of him along with the guidance of Dr. Bethell. Bob is now happily swimming in his tank at home.