Texas Veteran and His Dog Became Celebrities at Lowe’s

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Clay Luthy and his service dog companion, Charlotte, have quickly sprung from being local celebrities to internet celebrities. It’s hard not to love the viral image of Charlotte sporting a Lowe’s vest where she is allowed to ‘work’ alongside Luthy in an Abilene, Texas Lowe’s that hired them both.

Luthy was a clear frontrunner while going through the interview process for the job, reports. But after sustaining an injury while serving in the Air Force, Luthy needed a service dog. “Instead of medications, I have Charlotte,” CNN quoted Luthy. Deciding to not make any fuss over the matter, Lowe’s decided they would make a great pair as employees.

The pair became internet celebrities when Judy Dechert Rose posted a photo of them at work along with a caption that explained the situation. The image gained nearly 170,000 shares and 163,000 reactions. People are saying they appreciate the sacrifices Luthy has made for the United States and the empathy that Lowe’s is showing by keeping Charlotte proudly on the floor of their business.

It’s being reported that for the most part, Luthy and Charlotte like to work in the paint section since it gives Charlotte a place to lay down when she’s not helping Luthy to stay calm. The two have been together for over 10 years.