How Veteran-Friendly is Texas?

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In light of the recent Memorial Day Holiday, those who served and made the ultimate sacrifice are on our minds. But what about those are putting an end to their military service through retirement? WalletHub recently produced a study detailing all 50 states and The District of Columbia in order to determine which states were the most friendly to retired veterans.

The 50 States and District of Columbia were evaluated across three domains—1. Economic Environment 2. Quality of Life 3. Health Care. The overall rankings took the best combined score from the three domains. Florida was ranked #1, scoring in at 2nd in the quality of life category and 4th in Health Care. Rounding out the top five were Montana (#2), New Hampshire (#3), Wyoming (#4) and South Carolina (#5).

Out of the smoke.

Photo: Flickr/The U.S. Army

On the bottom end of the spectrum, the District of Columbia was ranked last. It also received the lowest ranking in the Quality of Life category, along with rankings of 45th and 46th in the Economic Environment and Health Care categories. Rounding out the bottom five were New Jersey (#50), Rhode Island (#49), North Carolina (#48) and Utah (#47).

Run Through It.
Photo: Flickr/The U.S. Army

How did our beloved Texas stack up? Texas was ranked #7 overall. The Lonestar State was rated at 7th for its Economic Environment and 8th for its Health Care for retired veterans. However, Texas took a dip in its overall ranking for Quality of Life, being ranked 43rd in that category.

Other statistics of interest include New York’s availability of VA health facilities. Although being ranked #1 in this area, New York still was ranked 34th overall. Rhode Island was ranked last in this category. Mississippi was found to have the lowest number of homeless veterans with the District of Columbia having the highest percentage. As far as jobs are concerned, Indiana was rated the best state for job opportunities for veterans, while the District of Columbia, again, was ranked last.

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