Veteran Reunited With Teacup Chihuahua After It Was Stolen

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Fox 11 in Los Angeles is happy to report that after telling a veteran’s story on the news and on Facebook, the community has created a happy needing. On November 9th, WWII veteran Roger LeClair witnessed a woman jumping out of her vehicle to scoop up and steal his tiny teacup chihuahua out of his yard. LeClair, at 93-years-old, could only watch in shock as it happened so quickly.

The cute little chichuahua named Lola is only 1.5 pounds. “She was only the size of a large mouse when I first got her. We sleep together, we go everywhere together. She’s just the love of my life,” he heartbreakingly told the news.

Once Fox 11 posted the story on their Facebook page, it gained nearly 40K shares. People posted photos of dogs found in shelters that might match the teacup pup, but none of them were as tiny as Lola. Eventually, LeClair received a call from a woman who said she had been taking care of an older chihuahua she found abandoned in an elementary school parking lot. It was Lola!

News cameras were there when the pair were reunited. LeClair kissed his tiny dog on the head, overcome with emotion. “It was a pleasure having her,” the rescuer told him.