Wild Wolves Paired with U.S. Veterans in PTSD Program

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A new documentary, “The War In Between“, highlights an awe-inspiring program called Warriors and Wolves where United States veterans undergo a PTSD treatment program involving wild wolves.

The film focuses on two men, a Marine and a sniper, and their wolf companions. Each veteran who participates in the program is paired up with a wolf with the hopes that they can share affection, respect and an understanding that spans species. Care for the wolves takes place at the Lockwood Animal Rescue Center, a 20-acre sanctuary in Frazier Park, California.

After returning from overseas and serving in war zones, service men and women have a hard time adjusting to life back at home. They return to a lifestyle that seems mundane and the dullness can lead to encompassing depression and substance abuse.

Warriors and Wolves provides a much needed unique service where veterans become accepted as part of the pack of wolves and can reconnect to life before war. Like the veterans, the wolves’ lives haven’t quite gone as planned either, but by joining together in a fight to be understood in the world, man and beast can grow towards an inspired future full of more liveliness and light.