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Castell’s VFD Suffers Extensive Damage in Sunday’s Storm

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On Sunday, April 12, 2020, the Texas Hill Country sustained some severe weather that resulted in property damage and expensive repairs that were unanticipated. Among the hardest hit, it appears that Castell’s Volunteer Fire Department (CVFD) in Llano County suffered greatly. The walls and doors of their facility were found to be bent, large trees in the immediate vicinity were uprooted, and the brand new fire pits which the Llano FFA students had constructed for the department were damaged.

Castell’s Volunteer Fire Department hosts an annual fundraiser, held in July each year, which they are presently relying on to cover the damage. That is, if the event is allowed to be held. The COVID-19 and Coronavirus pandemic has pummeled the U.S. with crippling health and economic woes, not the least of which have been seen and felt in Texas. With shelter-in-place orders in effect across much of the state, including the Hill Country, many are questioning what social events will look like in the near future. Social distancing has required that many businesses move to online platforms, however, these same methods of operation may not be suitable for fundraising initiatives such as the CVFD annual barbecue.

Video: YouTube/KXAN

News of Sunday morning’s severe weather damage to the Castell Volunteer Fire Department property was shared on the official KXAN YouTube channel, together with the caption: “They hope the 46th annual bar-b-que in July will help pay for the repairs — that is, if it’s not canceled because of coronavirus.” The Texas Hill Country is no stranger to severe spring weather, as witnessed in the many years previous of torrential rains, flooding, tornadoes, and the like. However, coming in conjunction with COVID-19 and Coronavirus pandemic health concerns, the concept of bouncing back from damages via social-type fundraising initiatives in the face of possible orders to remain distant has some concerned. Those in Llano County are no exception.

According to the KXAN video above, the CVFD barbecue pits will need to be rebuilt, and at least one wall as well as the building’s air conditioning service will need to be repaired. Contractors will be required to complete the necessary work. If you or someone you know is willing to volunteer your time, money, or supplies for this purpose, you’re asked to contact the Castell Volunteer Fire Department, which is located at 19148 Ranch Rd 152, in Llano. You can reach them via Facebook at the link provided here or contact the Llano Chamber of Commerce at this link.