Watch This Neat Video Chronicling the American Domino Record

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“These videos get millions of views online, but you don’t get to see the people behind and how much care they put into it,” Destin Sandlin says at the beginning of his newest video on the SmarterEveryDay channel called “250,000 DOMINOES! – The American Domino Record.” Sandlin takes viewers to Detroit inside of a gymnasium where a team has set up an event that will culminate in breaking three American records – the largest domino fall in U.S. history, “largest domino field” (which is an area with over 12,000 dominos), and the largest domino structure.

In the latter part of the video, Sandlin starts experimenting on different colored dominos and table surfaces to see with his super slo-mo video what impacts different materials make on domino falls, and he’s left with more questions than answers! After watching the Detroit team expertly set up an enormous domino structure, Sandlin’s follow-up discoveries really drive home how much thought, time, and energy go into completing these domino events.

If you’re curious and want to watch the entire domino fall (which takes about 15 minutes to complete), watch Hevesh5’s video here or below. Once you start the film, it’s hard to look away, and the sound is so satisfying! And if you’re very intrigued by the process, check out SmarterEveryDay’s full, 35-minute behind-the-scenes video here.