This Video Breaks Down What Auctioneers Are Actually Saying

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If you’ve ever wondered what auctioneers are saying when they’re saying an “auction chant,” you’re not alone. Most people have no idea what auctioneers use as filler between bids, but this interesting video breaks down their mysterious language.

As explains, auctioneers speak like they do to give listeners a sense of urgency that they need to bid soon or they’re going to miss out on the item. When it comes to tone, “They talk like that to hypnotize the bidders. Auctioneers don’t just talk fast—they chant in a rhythmic monotone so as to lull onlookers into a conditioned pattern of call and response as if they were playing a game of ‘Simon says.'”

Auctioneering is considered a “uniquely American tradition,” and about 50 schools in the United States teach how to become an auctioneer. Many states require upwards of 80 hours of training along with an exam and an apprenticeship, so it takes a great deal of commitment and passion.

The video features Barry Baker of Ohio Real Estate Auctions giving non-auctioneers some insight into their instantly recognizable way of speaking. It was originally uploaded in 2013, but it took some time before the Internet uncovered this hidden jewel.