Surprising Video Shows How to Never Lose Your Car in a Parking Lot

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“Just a simple technique for easily finding your car in a busy parking lot,” YouTuber Chootavao wrote as his caption for a video he uploaded on January 21st this year. The video already has well over 1 million views!

His tip for never losing your vehicle is rather simple – use a bunch of balloons and tie them to your trunk to set your car apart from the crowd, but those who have watched the video closely have noticed that this clip has more than a simple lifehack hiding in the trunk.

“Anyone else notice how all those bags and those shoes mimic a dead body,” YouTube user Jhonni Boii wrote. Yes, people did notice, and it sent the comments ablaze with people wondering who else caught the joke and others who worried that perhaps it wasn’t a joke.

By taking a look at Chootavao’s other videos, one can see that he enjoys posting short clips that aim to give viewers a laugh. Earlier this month he posted another car “lifehack” called “How to protect your car from vampires,” so it doesn’t seem like those who are worried that they’ve just witnessed a crime need to be concerned.

Did you catch the joke?