Video Shows Firemen Helping Out a Mama Duck and Her Ducklings

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Last month, Vintage Industrial LLC posted a video to YouTube, but it wasn’t about one of their pieces of industrial furniture. This particular post detailed a story of a man coming across a worried mother duck quaking at a grate where her ducklings had fallen down below.

The cameraman called the Phoenix Fire Department once he heard the tiny chirps of the ducklings that were trapped below ground. Thankfully, there were no emergencies at the time the fireman heroically arrived to help the duck family.

It took some time and manpower to remove the grates and climb down to retrieve nine little ducklings. It’s no wonder why the mama duck was so distressed, there’s no way she could have retrieved her babies, and there’s no way that they could have climbed out to safety on their own.

This video is the perfect thing to watch to remind yourself that there are people out there helping to make the world a better place no matter how small the creature they need to assist might be. Not to mention that it’s refreshing to see a news story with a happy ending!