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VIDEO: Watch the Spill Gate Collapse at Lake Dunlap Dam

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Following a spill gate failure in New Braunfels on the morning of Tuesday, May 14, 2019, Lake Dunlap has been partially drained. The Guadalupe-Blanco River Authority (GBRA) has since been dealing with the aftermath which resulted from the gate breaking off at 8 a.m., sending rushing water downstream. The structure was close to a century in age, and the lake level has dropped approximately seven feet as a result. It’s still unclear why the spill gate failed.

Since the failure, the GBRA has opened up the two other spill gates. There has been no timeline identified as to when Lake Dunlap will be brought back to recreational levels. A spokeswoman for the GBRA, Patty Gonzales, stated that there has been no requirement for downstream evacuations, however, those residing along the water were advised to tie-off or remove their recreational items as well as take any necessary additional precautions. The currents were monitored at 11K cubic feet per second.

Video: Facebook/KVUE

Video footage showing the exact time of the failure was captured and shared on social media. Take a look at the compelling video and see the rushing water. With respect to repairs, it’s been estimated that the cost will be quite extensive. “We have been looking for grants, federal funding, that sort of thing…It’s been an ongoing project for a very long time but right now, we can’t speak to that. Our immediate concern is of the safety of the crews working on the dams, and of the people downstream,” Gonzales explained to spectrumlocalnews.com. First cost estimates are in the range of tens of millions each, which could mean the Texas Hill Country residents around Lake Dunlap could have a considerable wait before lake levels are effectively managed by a complete repair or replacement. It’s an unfortunate and costly situation for the area.