Visitors Call It The Texas Hill Country, I Call It Home [VIDEO]

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Nearly 5 million people a year visit the Texas Hill Country. And now that the Hill Country boasts one of the top wine destinations in the world, we can only assume that the number will continue to grow. Little by little, people are figuring out that the charming towns, friendly attitudes, comforting down home cooking, and brazen barbecue joints are not only worthy of one visit but of repeat visits, too.

And it’s not just the wine, food, and friendliness that bring folks back to the Hill Country. It’s the live oak-dotted, rolling ranch land, the gnarly cypress groves shading the rivers, and the craggy limestone rock formations jutting hither and yon that lure many people back just to explore nature. Visitors will take photos, build memories and swap stories as they plan their next Hill Country vacation, but we who work, love, and breathe the Texas Hill Country, we are lucky enough to call it home. Check out this video for a few reasons why the Texas Hill Country is so special.