This is the Most Ingenious Parking Solution We’ve Ever Seen

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In 2013, a video popped up on YouTube titled “SMART PARKING SOLUTION,” and they were not exaggerating. The caption simply says, “INOVATIVE CAR PARKING INVENTED 6 YEARS BACK STILL WORKING,” but the video of a man managing to park in a tiny spot really speaks for itself!

It begins with Vinod opening up his unusual “garage” that is actually just a small space underneath some stairs. When you take a look at it, you can’t imagine how a car could fit unless it was a very tiny vehicle!

Amazingly, Vinod’s car is compact, but a regular vehicle size. Watching him expertly maneuver into the garage spot that he’s engineered is rather inspiring and pleasing to the eye to see something fit so precisely.

While you’re in awe of his skill, notice how tight the nose of the car is! He really designed it all perfectly. It’s funny to consider how this man can get his car under a staircase while most drivers can hardly parallel park or park straight into a regular park spot!

Though there is not more information on the video, we can all enjoy Vinod’s DIY mentality and parking confidence thanks to his YouTube upload. Brilliant.