Video Proves that You Shouldn’t Be So Scared of Opossums

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Opossums have a bad reputation. People tend fear them or think they’re gross based on their physical attributes like their long snout that reveals rows of sharp teeth if they’re feeling threatened.

But opossums aren’t vicious. And this 44-second YouTube video from Lost Pines Yaupon Tea might convince many viewers that North America’s only marsupial is more afraid of you than you are of it. In the clip, a man gently pets the nose of an opossum that’s showing its teeth. The creature doesn’t bite, in fact, it hardly moves except to close its mouth.

“Did you know they’re immune to most venoms and will actually eat venomous snakes? Also, their body temperature is so low they rarely ever harbor the rabies virus,” the nature-loving tea company says in the video’s caption.

Even though the opossum in the video is rather dirty (probably from brushing up against a muddy area) people shouldn’t be upset when they spot an opossum on their property because they think they’re “dirty” or unpleasant. Like the executive director for the Houston Wildlife Center, Sharon Schmalz, said to CW39, “It’s ok that you saw a opossum in your yard, in fact you’re lucky that you saw a opossum in your yard! They’re eating those poisonous snakes, those rats, those mice that you don’t want there. We need those animals in our environment, so trying to co-exist is so important.”

Watch Lot Pines Yaupon Tea’s video below, but remember, don’t try this at home! Though they’re trying to make a point, wild opossums don’t want to be petted.