Simple DIY Video Shows You How to Adhere a Photo to Wood

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You can order a custom photograph that’s been adhered to wood on Etsy for about $30-$40, or you can learn how to complete the task of transferring a photo to wood yourself.

BoredPanda recently posted a short video showing how easy it is (with the right materials) to make it look like you printed a picture out onto a slab of wood. They write that DIYers will need “some wood, a laser-printed image, Gel Medium (it makes the ink stick, but not the paper), and aerosol wood oil.”

The BoredPanda video is a sped-up version of the 30 minute tutorial by, an expert photographer’s website where amateurs can find guidance and inspiration. The longer video explains that to transfer the photo in the direction you want it, you’ll need to flip the image by using photo editing software before pasting it onto the wood.

The grain of the material makes the photo look aged and like it has become part of nature. To see the sped-up video before you commit to the project, click here, and when you’re ready to tackle the project, watch SLR Coaching’s video below.