Vignette Art Fair Calls for Women Artists of Texas

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On the heels of the country’s second annual Women’s March, the Vignette Art Fair at Fair Park in Dallas plans to hold its second annual showing of works from women across Texas. This rather large, curated show is not only greatly anticipated by art lovers and Texans alike, but it’s also still taking applications for the opportunity to show works.

Vignette Art Fair Calls for Women Artists of Texas

Photo: Instagram/ranchandreserve

Vignette is presently seeking “…female, or female identifying, artists of all disciplines,” and this showing intends to focus on artists who “…have been under recognized by art institutions and establishments.” Last year’s event, held in April, was presented by the Texas Women’s Caucus for Art. As a satellite art fair, it took place during Dallas Arts Week, at the former Women’s Museum Building in Fair Park. Not only were the pieces specifically and professionally curated for the show, but a series of panel discussions also took place throughout the event, allowing visitors access to and opportunities for discussion with those in the art industry in Texas.

Vignette Art Fair Calls for Women Artists of Texas

Photo: Facebook/Jack Laivins

This year’s Vignette Art Fair is planned for The Women’s Museum at Fair Park, running from April 11 through April 15 – again, during Arts Week. The deadline for submissions for the fair has been set for February 4. Those interested in submitting their art pieces can find more information on the Vignette web site, a link for which is provided here. Those wishing to attend the event can find more details at the link provided here.