We Wouldn’t Recommend This Viral iPhone Headphone Jack Hack

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As you may have heard, the new iPhone 7 does not have a headphone jack. Even though the phone comes with an adapter so iPhone users can still listen to their headphones through the device, many people can see themselves losing that little piece of equipment right away along with the new wireless ear buds.

Since many Apple users have expressed their disgust over the lack of headphone jack, YouTuber TechRax decided to make a video that “solves” the issue.

In his new viral video with nearly 7 million views, TechRax takes a brand new iPhone 7 and shows how to DIY your own hole for headphones using a drill. Obviously, it doesn’t work, but it’s still fooling some viewers and satiating others’ desire to see an iPhone 7 with all of the “classic” parts.

TechRax is known for making videos with millions of views where he essentially destroys expensive technology in strange ways. For example, another recent upload’s title says it all, “What Happens If You Microwave an iPhone 7?”

If you’re interested in seeing more iPhone 7 tests/torture, he also recorded a video to see if the device could stand liquid nitrogen for 5 minutes. (Spoiler alert: It can until it’s hit with a hammer.)