Sinfully Sweet Viral Video on Texas Sheet Cake Cookies ‘Stirs Up’ Recipe Debate

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A recipe video regarding the tasty treat that is the Texas Sheet Cake – made into a cookie – was posted on the 12 Tomatoes Facebook account and caused quite a stir (in more ways than one)! The video entails the seemingly innocent process of making the cookies, complete with all of the recipe details. And that’s when the great debate began.

With over two million views and 21,000 comments (most of which discussed the tasty “stir” that this video created), the discussion on many of the page’s Facebook comments seemed to center around what specific ingredients, in fact, made it a true Texas Sheet Cake recipe. Ultimately, any number of families could have any number of recipes for the original concept, and if you Google “Texas Sheet Cake,” you’ll find more than three pages of direct recipe links. They range from low-fat, to white, to chocolate, vanilla, and even red, white, and blue! The point that some seemed to be missing was just how tasty this cookie recipe by 12 Tomatoes appeared to be, and how easy they made it look to quickly whip up a batch!

Although delicious-looking, and harmless enough, the video post on 12 Tomatoes’ Facebook page generated a number of comments from viewers regarding what key ingredients constituted the making of an actual Texas Sheet Cake as opposed to a general discussion about just how heavenly these darned cookies looked! Our proclivity to sometimes “shoot the messenger” instead of simply thanking them for showing us something we haven’t yet tried that might be so enjoyable our eyeballs will roll back in our heads (have you seen the melted chocolate on these suckers?!) tends to dampen our enthusiasm at times. One commenter identified, “I always wonder if some people troll these recipe sites just to make random criticisms?!? If you don’t want to make them because it isn’t your version or it is a recipe for diabetes then don’t make them. If you think adding something will make it better feel free to tweak it! Free will is a funny concept…” Either way, we’re whipping up a batch of these bad boys right shortly!