Take a Virtual Hike Through Inks Lake State Park

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There is nothing more incredible than taking a hike through the many Texas Hill Country’s beautiful and serene natural areas. From the clear, refreshing waters, to the towering shade trees overhead, to the unique wildlife specific to the region, the Hill Country truly is the ‘Eden’ of Texas. Inks Lake State Park is one of those places to marvel.

One of Texas Hill Country’s Facebook fans, Melinda Gill Black, did well to capture the essence of both the Inks Lake State Park and the Texas Hill Country. Since it’s hotter than a fur coat in Marfa out there, here is a virtual hike through Inks Lake State Park from the comfort of our air-conditioned homes. All photos are courtesy of Melinda Gill Black.

Inks Lake
Inks Lake SP 1
Inks Lake SP 2
Inks Lake SP 3
Inks Lake SP 5
Inks Lake SP 6
Inks Lake SP 7
Inks Lake SP 8