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A Virtual Road Trip Through the Texas Hill Country

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Taking road trips through Texas is not torture by any stretch of the imagination. With an abundance of beautiful scenery, wonderful people and places to stop, and tantalizing food, drink, and just plain fun along the way, it’s not tough to convince someone to go on a trip with you. When asked by the Texas Country Reporter to suggest what their favorite road trip in the Lone Star State had to be, many cast their vote, and the show kindly counted down the top three in the following clip.

This three-minute segment is beautifully filmed and captures many of the stops a Texan or an out-of-state tourist would love to find. The first part of their trip goes through Bandera Pass – a trail that was previously used by Native Americans and settlers, and over time (centuries, in fact), became a highway of regular use. The second leg goes from Marble Falls to Inks Lake State Park, and the scenery is picturesque, with some beautiful scenic overlooks to stop at. And, finally, the most scenic drive in all of Texas kept the film crew in the Texas Hill Country for a trip from Llano to Enchanted Rock.

Posted on the Texas Country Reporter YouTube channel, this video captures only a handful of the many wonderful road trips that can be had in the Lone Star State but does it succinctly and beautifully. You’ll hardly believe the beauty that exists in the area, which is why seeing it in real life is often 10 times better, but this taste of the heart of Texas is as good as the real deal when you can’t get away. Enjoy this virtual road trip and all that it has to offer, and if you get the chance, maybe plot out your own Texas road trip to catch our scenery, our inviting atmosphere, and all things that nature planted along the way.