Visit the Most Beautiful Libraries in Texas As We Celebrate National Library Workers Day

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April 10 is National Library Workers Day. It’s a holiday in which we recognize the important contributions of librarians, library staff, users, administrators, and those who work tirelessly to keep our nation’s literary storehouses up and running. The celebration occurs as a part of National Library Week, which is observed the second week of April every year.

What better way to highlight this day and week than by recognizing some of the most beautiful libraries our great state of Texas has to offer? Below are five of the top Texas libraries as noted and recognized in an article by chron.com for not only their picturesque surroundings but for their timeless beauty. These magnificent buildings invite us into a world of wall-to-wall adventures, a world awaiting us one book at a time.

1. Houston Public Library

Houston library

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

The Julia Ideson Building is one of the oldest and most treasured structures in downtown Houston. This beautiful library opened its doors in 1926. The building was named after the first Head Librarian of the Houston Public Libraries, who held that position for four decades.

According to rumor, the library is haunted. The ghost of Jacob Frank Cramer, the library caretaker, is said to wander its halls along with his dog Petey.

2. Armstrong Browning Library

Armstrong Library

Photo: Facebook.com/ Armstrong Browning Library & Museum

Fast becoming a tourist spot to add your bucket list, Waco, Texas can also boast about having one of the most beautiful libraries in the state. Armstrong Browning Library is located at Baylor University.

In operation since 1951, shares chron.com, the library is dedicated to preserving and highlighting the works of Victorian poets Robert and Elizabeth Barrett Browning. Housing a rare collection of 19th-century books, along with the world’s biggest collection of works from the Brownings, this is a definite beauty not to miss.

3. Harlan Crow’s Home Library

Crow library
Photo: candysdirt.com

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