Vlogger Allows Strangers to Pick Out Her Outfit At the Mall

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YouTuber Safiya Nygaard, who specializes in “beauty, style, and weirdness,” came up with a fun idea for a video posted this month that’s already well on its way to gaining two million views. Nygaard, who prefers to wear black, stepped out of her comfort zone and into the mall where she approached strangers and asked them to pick out a piece of clothing for her to wear. She walked into the mall wearing a stylish black outfit paired with a dark lipstick, and she walked out with…well, you’ll just have to see for yourself.

Nygaard started off the game with two teens who were dressed in Hot Topic gear to pick out a shirt for the new ensemble. They couldn’t resist taking Nygaard to their favorite store (Hot Topic, of course) where they chose an adorable Eevee (a character from Pokémon) tank top. The stage was now set with a bold choice. How would the other strangers react when choosing the rest of the outfit?

Even though the outfit she ends up with seems a bit scattered, there’s something harmonious about how the strangers who never even met worked together to create an ensemble full of personality without questioning the other strangers’ decisions. See the full result below.