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Scare for a Cure’s Volunteer Kick-Off Event Shows Off New Effects

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At a recent volunteer event, Scare for a Cure let their workers and the news in on the new additions to the haunt that will make it fresh and scary for those who eagerly anticipate the haunted attraction every year. According to KXAN, the volunteer kick off event had kids getting doused in fake blood via a cannon. FX Director, Jake Morrison, said, “We’re going to make you climb, dive, duck, dodge, roll — there are all sorts of things we can make you do in the haunt. We are also going to cover you in blood and slime this year, which is exciting because it’s this nice goopy stuff that just drips. It’s like a super thick Jell-O basically.” (Don’t wear clothes you care about to the attraction!)

According to the Scare for a Cure website, this popular event has drawn people from Central Texas to Manor to experience thrills since 2007. The proceeds from the event go to local cancer organizations and centers. “Our all-volunteer crew is passionate about Scaring and Caring. We do this to give back to the community,” the nonprofit explains. Scare for a Cure is an exciting place to volunteer, and the only requirement is each participant must be over eight years of age.