Voting Begins for Nationwide’s Annual Hambone Award

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For many people all over the world, pets are considered to be an important part of the family. Of course, when a family member is sick or injured, they must be treated by a doctor; or in the case of our beloved pets, a veterinarian. What if Fido’s most recent run-in with the weed-whacker had the potential to garner national accolades and help other pets whose families might not be able to afford medical care? That is exactly the case with Nationwide’s most “Unusual Pet Insurance Claim of the Year” competition.

This year, the company scoured its database made up of over 600,000 insured pets and sifted through over 1 million insurance claims to find 12 candidates qualified to win the Hambone Award for 2017. The award is given to the pet for the most outlandish claim. Furthermore, the veterinary clinic that treated the winner will receive $10,000 from Nationwide through the Veterinary Care Foundation to treat animals whose families cannot afford their medical costs.

It is important to note that each of the nominees made a complete recovery. To learn more about each of their stories, continue reading below. You can vote for your favorite story now through October 4 by following this link.


Tessa, Photo Courtesy of Nationwide

Photo Courtesy of Nationwide

Breed: Mix

Hometown: North Kingstown, Rhode Island

One day, Tessa’s owners were gearing up to complete some yard work which included removing a tree from their backyard. Her owner said it was just like any other day, with Tessa relaxing with her toys nearby. However, the mechanical growl of a chainsaw startled her, and she quickly sprang into action, running headlong toward the source of the noise.

Although her owner was able to keep Tessa from directly biting the blades, her front legs sustained deep cuts. Surgery was necessary to properly close the injuries, but thankfully Tessa has made a full recovery!

2. Denali

Denali photo Courtesy of Nationwide
Photo Courtesy of Nationwide