This VW Microbus Makes Us Want a Bunk Bed

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Instead of a boring housewarming gift, one man decided to make a VW Microbus bunk bed for his young nephew.

The user Uptonb posted this DIY tutorial on Instructables of a replica VW Microbus turned bunk bed and playhouse, and it’s really incredible how he crafted this thing. As he wrote in the description, his brother was having a new house built for his growing family. He decided, “Since my brother is a huge Volkswagen fan, what better than a VW-themed bed?” He couldn’t find one on the market, so he made his own for his young nephew.

The inside will be a play area, but when the little boy is old enough to have friends sleepover, a single mattress can easily be placed on the inside, making for an awesome night!

Some people truly have the gift of woodworking and crafting, and this project really takes the cake on creativity. The railing around the top of the bed is an awesome safety feature that also accents the silver of the bus itself.

And just look at that steering wheel, and those headlights! This project, though time-consuming, is seriously a home run and his nephew must love his new themed bunk bed. We want one, honestly.