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Hundreds of W-2s Forms From San Marcos City Employees Were Stolen

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A San Marcos city employee received an email from what looked like a trusted colleague requesting the W2 forms of 800 city employees. The recipient sent along the information without seeing anything wrong with the message. The email was forgotten until a few people tried to file their taxes. When they tried to submit, they were notified by the IRS that there was already a return made using their social security number.

Fox 7 says the employee who sent out the W-2s was just doing their job, and the email really looked as if it was from an employee they communicated with regularly. Financial expert Matt Schulz told the news that phishing is a big issue because it’s so easy to be fooled. “If they’re asking for something that they wouldn’t ask you for normally like W-2’s or social security numbers that’s a red flag,” he told the news.

KSAT says they’ve notified the IRS about the stolen forms and the city will offer “free credit monitoring and identity theft protection for the next three years.” At this time, there’s no further information on whether or not the email recipient will face any consequences for their response.