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Waco Woman Ruby Strange Turned 105-Years-Old on March 25th

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Born on March 25th in 1912, life-long Waco resident Ruby Strange recently turned 105-years-old. Friends and family came together at Heartis Senior Living to celebrate the beautiful life Ruby has led.

“You know life was very different when I met her. And to think about how different it was when she was growing up and coming through life…it’s amazing,” friend Deb Meier told KXXV.

Jim Holmes, Waco City Councilman, honored Ruby by declaring March 25, 2017, as Ruby Strange Day on behalf of Mayor Kyle Deaver. Holmes posted a few photos of the event on Facebook, saying Ruby was “such a wonderful lady” and “in great shape as she stood to receive the Proclamation.” One of the photos shows Ruby next to a young family member who’s only 5-years-old. It’s astonishing to think that there’s an entire century between them!

Ruby appears very vibrant for her 105th birthday. Of course, the news had to ask how she lived her life to lead up to such a momentous day. “All I know is that I didn’t drink. I didn’t smoke and the rest was up to God,” she told KXXV with a smile and a twinkle in her eyes.