This Waitress Received a Huge Mother’s Day Tip After Grueling Shift

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Ashleigh West was handling Cinco de Mayo crowds when she mentioned she had a baby asleep at home. The Mother’s Day tip she received will shock you.

A waitress at a restaurant in North Carolina, Ashleigh West thought it was just another Friday night shift. She was fielding all sorts of customers still out celebrating Cinco de Mayo with margaritas and tacos when she mentioned that her baby was asleep at home.

The patrons, according to News 6, took notice of her comment and decided to pay their kindness forward with a tip that doubled their $101.79 tab. That’s right, their Mother’s Day tip for West was $101.79, making the closing total a whopping $203.58.

Of the bill, she wrote on Facebook: “Everyone who keeps up with my life knows I wait tables in Friday nights and Saturday nights at a Mexican restaurant while Micah is sleeping… Since it’s a Mexican restaurant and today was cinco de mayo they had to have all servers on the clock tonight… A family decided to bless me after I had mentioned to them that I had a baby sleeping at home… I almost cried. A complete stranger who made me feel so wonderful tonight.. They left before I saw this but I wish I could’ve told them thank you x’s a million.”

They left a message on the side of the bill that read, “Happy Mother’s Day :)”, and a happy waitress Ashleigh was. May their days be filled with a bright spot of sunshine, too.