Police Officer’s Retirement Cake Design Rejected by Walmart

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The “thin blue line” design is meant to represent support for law enforcement, so Jordan Harkins of Atlanta was hoping to get a cake made of the symbol for her father, a police officer about to retire. She wanted to serve the cake at his surprise retirement party after 25 years on the force. Unfortunately, there was miscommunication when she placed the order.

Harkins asked a local Walmart bakery to make the cake, but she was met with opposition. The employees told her they weren’t sure if they were allowed to make a cake with that symbol as it may be perceived negatively. According to Fox 5, they told her they needed to check with their manager “to see if they were allowed.” The manager’s decision was to not make the blue and black cake.

After posting the ordeal on social media, the news got back to Walmart spokesman Leslee Wright who said, “Our goal is to always take care of customers. But, sometimes we misstep. We’re glad we were able to connect with the family to apologize and make this right.” Walmart then made the cake for the police officer for free, but Harkins is still disappointed with the lack of support from the beginning.