Attention Walmart Shoppers: Pringles Wine Tumblers Exist

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If the story of the Texas woman who was banned from Walmart for drinking wine from a Pringles can was an inspiration for you, you’re not alone. Many quite possibly laughed at the news piece, which also noted that she was cruising around the parking lot on a motorized scooter, but some thought her concept wasn’t so bad. Some even capitalized on it – in a unique way. Subsequently, you can now get wine tumblers inspired by this woman’s antics, and we’re wondering how quickly our orders can be filled!

Celeste Powers, hailing from Mississippi, has designed a Pringles wine tumbler that’s available for viewing here, and it’s drawn some attention. So much so that her Etsy item has listed as “sold out.” Not surprisingly, more than a handful of people wanted to get their hands on a can…’er tumbler, inspired by the Texas woman’s escapades, perhaps as a symbol of what today’s troubles can drive you to, or simply to have a good laugh during a weekend wine night with friends.

Attention Walmart Shoppers: Pringles Wine Tumblers Exist

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The wine tumblers sell in four designs – Pringles Original red and starburst designs, as well as Ranch, and Sea Salt and Vinegar. Going  for the mere price of $29.99 on Powers’ Etsy shop under the name The Cup Artist, they’re noted to be sweat and leak-proof (because no one wants to lose their wine!) And, in case you were wondering, they’re also UV printed and custom-coated, as opposed to simply having the labels glued on. They come with a lid and a straw…which is quite possibly a little more accessorized than the one the original Walmart-banned scooter lady had! There’s been no word as to the possible back orders that Powers may be producing, but her concept is impressive, like many other creative minds before her.