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Walmart & Uber: Bringing Groceries to Your Door in Dallas

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With Amazon’s recent announcement to purchase Texas Hill Country-headquartered Whole Foods, Walmart has recently stepped up its game in the grocery delivery service business by expanding to include Uber to two additional markets: Dallas, Texas and Orlando, Florida.

The ride-hailing service launched a pilot grocery deliver feature with Walmart in 2016 in Phoenix, Arizona, followed quickly by Tampa, Florida, early in 2017. In a statement released by Walmart, Vice President of E-Commerce Operations, Mike Turner explained, “We’re working hard to find a way to get you fresh, quality groceries all while keeping a little more time on your calendar.”

Walmart & Uber: Bringing Groceries to Your Door in Dallas

Photo: Facebook/Fatos Desconhesidos

Announced on Monday, August 21, this move marks a counter-move by Walmart to take on online grocery shoppers in their service offerings and increased competition for convenience. When the leader in this line, Amazon.com, purchased Whole Foods earlier this summer, it was anticipated that those trying to keep up with such internet options would soon follow their footsteps.

Walmart & Uber: Bringing Groceries to Your Door in Dallas

Photo: Facebook/Lacie Lowry

Walmart, which is based in Bentonville, Arkansas, presently operates its own brand of grocery delivery services in Denver, Colorado, and San Jose, California. It also provides curbside grocery service for those that have placed online orders at over 900 other stores throughout the nation. Dallas residents will soon be able to place their Uber-delivered Walmart grocery orders in the near future.