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San Antonio News Warns of Possible Stone Oak Stalker

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News 4 San Antonio writes that a man in the Stone Oak area has been noticeably following people inside of stores. One woman stated that while she was at Target, she noticed a man attempting to make eye contact with her and following her down the aisles. When she visited the women’s clothing section, she realized he was still staring at her, and he didn’t even have a cart with him. He clearly wasn’t shopping.

Feeling unsettled, the woman left Target and was picked up by her husband in the parking lot. Next, they drove to H-E-B, and once again, she saw the man who slowly got closer and closer to her. Frightened, she told her husband and the two left the store and reported the incident to the manager.

After realizing that this could be happening to others, she posted on Facebook about the stalker, and chillingly, two friends replied that the same man followed them inside of Stone Oak stores, as well.

SAFE International uploaded a video to YouTube of a presentation on “How to Tell if You’re Being Followed.” They advise changing directions to see if the person continues to follow you. But most importantly, they say to trust your instincts and don’t be afraid or embarrassed to ask for help or talk to someone about what’s happening as soon as possible.