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Warrant Woes – Are You on the List?

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Remember the parking ticket you got a few months back? The one that made you so mad you shoved it into the glove box and then completely forgot it?

If enough time has passed, that obnoxious scrap of paper may have morphed into a warrant.

The time has come to take care of it. If you don’t, you’ll soon be sorry. The Great Texas Warrant Roundup begins March 5 and runs all month. Each year, law enforcement agencies across Texas pile together all outstanding parking and traffic tickets, plus other violations, to clear the books and bring in unpaid fines.

They figure issuing warrants for arrest might inspire motivation in honest folks. For others it takes the reality of cold metal cuffs.

If you don’t want to be hauled away in a black and white in front your co-workers, classmates or neighbors, pick up the phone now and dial the police department that issued your citation. Officials can help you understand your violations, your rights to remedy the situation and may even help you arrange a payment plan to address your fine.

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In other law enforcement news, the Austin Police Department will institute its no refusal program March 4 – 21. If you are pulled over for suspected drunk driving and refuse a Breathalyzer or blood test, the officer (who must have evidence of your impaired ability) will petition a judge for a warrant that requires you to provide a sample.

Legally, an officer can get a warrant for a blood test anytime a motorist is suspected of drunk driving. Sometimes it’s not worth the time. During no refusal periods, however, every suspected drunk driver that refuses testing will automatically get a warrant.

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