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Attitude of Gratitude: Waste Crew Thanks Kingwood Harvey Victims

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Many comments and messages of thankfulness and gratitude have been posted for Texas corporations, community groups, and individuals who have given of themselves to help during the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. Kingwood, a northeastern suburb of Houston, in particular, has seen its share of volunteers come and go, each time acknowledging them with a shout-out of gratefulness. But, one group is doing a little bit of role reversal and thanking those that they came to help.

Attitude of Gratitude: San Antonio Waste Crew Thanks Harvey Victims in Kingwood

Photo: Facebook/Flooding Kingwood with Kindness Via Laura Spann Wong

The City of San Antonio, in the Texas Hill Country, sent their waste management crews to assist neighborhoods in and around Houston with their efforts to clean up debris and help with proper removal. During and following the work process, one of the crew members posted to the “Flooding Kingwood with Kindness” public Facebook group with a message thanking the community members for their own kindness and hospitality.

Attitude of Gratitude: San Antonio Waste Crew Thanks Harvey Victims in Kingwood

Photo: Facebook/Thanks 2 San Antonio Solid Waste Crew in Kingwood Via Karen Kariotis Boughton

Albert Barrera posted to the page on September 26, identifying that the past few weeks in the area have felt nothing like work. The community members of Kingwood have made the crew members feel welcome, being kind and generous, grateful, bringing beverages and food out to the workers as they cleaned their neighborhood. He stated, “Good Morning Kingwood! It’s coming down to our final days being here. I want to personally Thank you for being gracious and opening up your hearts to us. You have made this experience one I’ll never forget. I felt as if I didn’t “work” a single day being here. And when you do what you love (helping others in need) it’s not “work.” We were Deeply saddened after seeing the disaster that was left behind and it made an emotional impact on me as I spoke with a resident. We are so happy that we are helping such a Great community. All the kindness, the drinks, the food, coming up and thanking us, at the traffic light giving us the thumbs up. Made All this worth it! You all are Great people and wish yall the best. God Bless.”


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