This Video Showing How Sprinkles Are Made Will Blow Your Mind

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“How It’s Made Cake Sprinkles” is one of those YouTube videos that you start watching and suddenly feel  sucked into.

The clip comes from the TV show “How It’s Made,” and begins with a history lesson on its delectable subject of sprinkles. Did you have any idea that sprinkles have been used since the late 18th century by French confectioners?

Next, we go on to learn how powder and liquid food coloring interacts with shortening and powdered sugar to make these tiny, perfectly proportioned dessert toppings.

I feel like I could watch the dough go from powder and food coloring to a gorgeous pink color all day. Perhaps the voiceover agrees with me as he seems to get a bit tongue-tied a minute in when he states, “He adds a pre-measured amount of liquid food colorant. Different food colorants and different amounts of colorants produce different colored sprinkles in different shades of colors.” It is rather amazing to watch the chemistry of color in action!

Around 4 minutes in, the video gets even more interesting. Watching all of the colors of sprinkles mix together before they are bottled up and shipped out to grocery stores and dessert-makers everywhere is a celebration of impeccable disorganization.