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Watch: Man with Bizarre TV Mask On Head Leaves Old TVs on Lawns

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At least 60 people in Henrico, Virginia woke up to an odd surprise on their lawns. Someone dressed as a television (yes, a TV) left old TV sets on their lawns on Saturday night (August 10, 2019). Now police are looking for the so-called “suspect.”

NBC12 shared a video of one of the instances on their Facebook page this past week, garnering a few thousand views. One of the Henrico residents, Adrian Garner, who recently found himself in the possession of one of the old TV sets, told local media he woke up on Sunday morning, August 11, to see an older-model television set on his lawn. Unclear as to where the set came from, he then took a look at the footage from his security camera, which resulted in still more questions.

Video: Facebook/NBC12

In the video above, someone who is actually wearing a TV-shaped mask and a jumpsuit is shown carrying the old school TV onto Garner’s porch. With the jumpsuit and mask get-up, the individual calmly squatted to set the television down and then left. Garner’s reaction was similar to what many would do. His first thought was “Did we order this? I mean, it’s not an Amazon box or anything…” In the meantime, Henrico County Police, in Virginia, have stated that they’ve collected approximately 60 old TV sets which are being identified as being “dumped” by this individual, who could face charges for such as well as littering on private property. Perhaps he or she was upset with the ending of “Walker, Texas Ranger.”

Is this the most bizarre prank you’ve ever encountered? That’s assuming it’s a prank, of course, and not some utterly strange piece of performance art or mysterious statement about our culture. What exactly is the meaning of that TV-mask on his head, anyway? What do you think the TV-head prankster was trying to do with this stunt? Just a simple joke, or was it an attempt to communicate a deeper message?